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Originally posted on September 28, 2008

Seattle’s Throw Me the Statue made passionate audio-love to their audience at Mercury Lounge on Sunday night.  At home with each other and the stage, the band quickly captivated their audience with velvety lead vox, an array of tempting timbres provided by not one but two keyboardists, and deft, heart-quickening drumming.  Their first song, warm and otherworldly, was unique in its sound from the other, harder, songs that followed.  For the second song the lead singer pulled out a stand alone floor tom, playing with the drummer and making use of his crash cymbal.  By the third song the singer was playing a kind of mini-kit, placing a snare next to his floor tom, to great effect; it was mesmerizing to watch (and feel) the mini-kit and drum kit being played simultaneously.

A cover of Huey Lewis’ “If This Is It” followed, retaining the original’s energy while also rendering it both tender and impassive, the lead singer hitting his abdomen with his drumstick when he wasn’t hitting the mini-kit.  Just before the penultimate song, he offered to answer any questions the audience might have, to which one audience member enthusiastically exclaimed, “Take your shirt off!”  He firmly but gently pointed out that this was not a question, and the band proceeded to play one of their loudest songs, coming on full force, with double time guitar-strumming and snare-attacking in the lead up to the choruses.  No ear went unsatisfied.