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Originally posted on September 11, 2008

Chicago’s The Musical Outfits brought their unconventional but engaging blend of modern pop and circa-1970’s rock to Pianos Thursday night.  Their set began more on the pop side, with songs like the touching, folk-esque “Warning.” The indie rock song “Junky Shuffle” energized the set with its straight up rock verses and an adventurously lyrical and subdued chorus, reversing the quiet verse/loud chorus norm.  “Good Company” found the band more in the 70’s rock world with skillful three-part vocal harmonizing and an extended guitar solo at the end.  The Musical Outfits’ sound was somewhat out of place in the line-up that night (even with their detailed vocal harmonizing and use of slide guitar), which was more country music focused, but better placement in future NYC gigs would surely mix in more new fans among the core of old fans shouting out requests that were already there.