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Originally posted on December 3, 2008

Packed tightly and hotly into the sold out Showroom at Pianos,  stellastarr*’s audience were unaware of their discomfort as the band hit them song after song with amazing energy, overwhelming passion, and the loudest show yours truly has ever experienced at Pianos.  The extended set featured songs from both of stellastarr*’s full length albums, including previews of new songs from their upcoming third album, plus a few choice B-sides.  Highlights included: the asterisk composed of strips of black tape covering the drummer’s right nipple (shirt discarded after the first song), the bassist’s jewel-bright eyes peering out from behind a curtain of hair, the guitarist’s frequent playful grin, and the lead singer’s heart-wrenching performance of “On My Own,” sung in its entirety on his knees.

Thanks to Toby for sharing his extra ticket.