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Originally posted on March 30, 2009

“Wow, Monday night and there’s, like, people listening!”  Sharon Van Etten was shyly pleased by the healthy turnout for her solo set Monday night at Cake Shop. Drawing the crowd into her quiet, intimate music with a warm voice, rich guitar sound, and solemn face, Van Etten played a full set (including an encore) of pretty, semi-depressing songs.
“My Dad really wanted to be here tonight, but he’s doing his taxes.  He’s really stressed out.  He asked me to play this song,” called “Have You Seen,” Van Etten’s lips barely moving as she sang the twisting, floating melody.
Singing in a low voice, Van Etten’s eyes glanced up at the ceiling periodically during “I Am Giving Up on You,” which featured hypnotic guitar-picking.
Other highlights included a cover of “Save Me a Place” by Fleetwood Mac, and the dark “For You,” from her new album.
“I’m Sharon, and you can talk to me.  I’m approachable.”