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I like Phantogram for their crunchy synths and metrical structures that kind of push and pull at you. Also, I’m more than a little bit in love with Sarah Barthel’s voice right now, it has this slight moan to it that’s super appealing. Check out my playlist for a sampling of their music.

We all know what day it is, so let’s cut to the chase—check out my playlist, called “You Are Mine”, which I like to think captures several ways of feeling about L-O-V-E. Speaking of, loving all these bands right now, particularly Phantogram. Also, making this list introduced me to Body Language, so, yay!

Track listing:

“Recover” by CHVRCHES

“You Are Mine” by Mutemath

“Fall in Love” by Phantogram

“I’m a Mess” by Body Language

“Heart : Release” by Neon Indian