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Originally posted on November 14, 2008

The lead singer of LA’s Obi Best sang the first song of the band’s set standing alone behind a keyboard onstage at Pianos on Friday night, intricate finger movements pairing in a charming fashion with her vocal line (the song is called “Nothing Can Come Between Us”).  The other three members of the band joined her for the second song (dedicated to Swedish boys), where she took up an electric guitar and was replaced at the keyboard by a girl who bore a striking resemblance to Natasha (as in, Boris and Natasha), as apparently noted by a homeless man she passed by while walking around the city earlier in the day.

Obi Best’s stage presence, while perhaps a bit too sunny for a crowd of hardened NYC dwellers, was highly articulate and cohesive, as befitted music comprised of tightly interlocking lines and harmonies uncommonly juxtaposed (hear “It’s Because of People Like You”).  The second to last song was a new one, beginning with a pre-recorded heavy “tropical” beat provided by the laptop, and joined by the rest of the band after a few bars; “tropical” because, as the lead singer explained before the song, she feels tropical fish, not butterflies, at the thought of her new beau.  Obi Best’s set ended with a mellower tune, “Green and White Stripes,” with the lead singer/guitarist and the keyboardist facing each other for the groove-setting intro.

Obi Best’s album Capades debuts February 24th.