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Originally posted on July 16, 2008

Self-proclaimed “pioneers of lungcore” Jerseyband brought their metal-with-horns to Sullivan Hall on Wednesday night.  Combining the traditional guitar/bass/drums set-up with trumpet/two tenor saxophones/bari sax, all-male Jerseyband’s electric and compelling stage presence (complete with costumes—several of the band were wearing dresses) matched their highly dramatic and at times playful music.

The eleven-song set featured a range of textures, from full tilt shredding to intimate intros played only by the horns, and the audience responded enthusiastically no matter the volume level.  Occasionally, a horn player or two would step up to the mic to do some screaming.  The bari player introduced “Rats in Boxes” in his best Dr. Sbaitso-sounding voice.

With their surprisingly convincing sound and oddly sexy presence, Jerseyband are a breath of fresh air in the genre-commingling movement.