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Originally posted on January 2, 2010

Say hello to Frida Sundemo, indie pop artist from Sweden.

“Drops” begins by setting an ethereal atmosphere, with glockenspiel and a repeating high piano chord. The song abruptly drops to earth as the vox enters for the verse, joined by electronic rhythm section and bass, and glock/piano disappear.  The chorus unites ethereal and earthy, as Sundemo’s voice becomes breathy, and the glockenspiel and piano return over the lower, rhythmic texture of the verse.  “Drops” ends as it began, the earthy falling suddenly away to leave the music in the clouds.

“I Was Surrounded” is full of cute glottal stops in unexpected places—“I was sur/rounded, I was so fr/ightened”—and the safe way in which the rest of the harmonies play with the ever-present F#, heard in a higher register than is usual for a drone, results in unalloyed charm.

“Ready, Steady, Go” brings to mind a happy montage in a quirky 1960’s foreign flick, particularly the lite-jazzy sounding circle of fifths progression, ending with panache on a major seventh chord, heard at the end of the chorus.

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