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Originally posted on October 24, 2008

Walking into the audience and across the floor, the lead singer of New Zealand’s Cut Off Your Hands leapt into the air and sang a few lines of “Happy As Can Be” perched crouching atop the bar, much to the surprise of the audience, and chagrin of the Cake Shop bartenders. With music whose sonic landscape is expansive and rife with galvanism (along the lines of Aberdeen City), at the same time almost always retaining a hint of sly irony, Cut Off Your Hands’ stage presence emanated a fervent heat the audience didn’t know they were thirsty for until they got it. During the second song, “You and I,” the lead singer walked onto the floor again with hands in air and clapping, and the audience dazedly attempted to follow his lead.

Striking was the fact that each of the other three band members sang backing vox, creating some impressive visual and audio counterpoint, as with the second to last song, “Expectations.”

Cut Off Your Hands’ debut album You And I will be released in the US in early 2009.