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Originally posted on August 20, 2008

Sexy and infectious, the music of Brooklyn-based duo Comandante Zero injected life into a plush but sleepy Crash Mansion on Wednesday evening.  Their music, generally described as a blend of electronica and funk, transcended these genre-boundaries—there was more to their songs than the words electronica or funk generally connote.  The lead singer, whose low and paroxysmic voice sounds like a mix of Ian Curtis and David Bowie, brought to the sound a touch of post-punk, while his five-string bass playing provided the expertly executed funk/disco bass line.  The drummer, who brought to the sound the precise and extremely danceable beats of electronica, also controlled a synth trigger pad that filled out the sound in such a way that meant the subtle difference between standard electronica club-filler, and indie-electro along the lines of Junior Boys.  Check out Comandante Zero, with live artist 0h10M1ke (who also joined the band at Crash Mansion) and dancers at Monkeytown this Wednesday, August 27th.