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Out today is DJ Chris Lawhorn‘s new album Fugazi Edits, which is exactly what it sounds like. The album has already received some coverage at A.V. Club and Punk News, so I’ll summarize: 22 instrumental tracks consisting of dozens of Fugazi samples–used with the permission of the band–profits to be donated to two charities.

Even if you’re not a hard and fast fan of Fugazi, the album is compelling listening, ranging from the expected post-hardcore sound to some seriously experimental stuff, which ended up being my favorite tracks (particularly track 8; Poème électronique, anyone?). Check out my interview with Chris below:

Why Fugazi?

I have all their records. I love the music. And, it was their records that first made me realize I could put my own records out. Also, on a practical basis, the band is really tight, so the songs lend themselves to layering.

You mention that half the music is straightforward and the other half is experimental. Did you set out to do this, or did it happen as you were making the album?

That’s just the way it ended up. In part, this is because their music changed over time. To that end, their earlier records are more straightforward than their later ones. But, also, I was trying to approach each track’s mix differently. In order to do that, I had to try a lot of different kinds of mixes–some of which deviated further from the source material than others.

Plans for another album after this?

No. It’s very strange for me–as I usually have two or three albums planned ahead. But, I’m trying to approach things differently than I have in the past. And, part of that meant not having so many projects in the works at once.

Fugazi Edits is released by the Case/Martingale label; check out Chris’ site for more info.