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Originally posted on July 18, 2008

Young and loud, Atlanta’s own Chainestereo confounded the mostly drunk-and-looking-to-score styled audience collected at Pianos in the Showroom on Friday night.  With a combination of playful impudence and youthful sincerity similar to that of their contemporaries Spiral Beach, Chainestereo inadvertently played right over most of the collected heads during their eleven-song set.

Comprised of the indie-standard guitar/bass/drums/keyboard, walls of distorted sound abound in Chainestereo’s music, with the bass player (also the lead singer) skillfully making melodic moves here and there.  Staying true to their self-stated punk influences, the singing was mixed with screaming, and other such vocal liberties.  The keyboardist gave what struck me as an early-Patti-Smith-esque vocal performance when she took lead vox for one of the songs.  But I doubt the drunk guy next to me loudly requesting “Freebird” had any such appreciation.  Alas.

Photo taken from band’s Myspace page