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Originally posted on October 11, 2008

The Bon Savants sound came on strong last Saturday at Mercury Lounge, by means of a full set of new-wavy indie rock tunes.  Replete with Jarvis Cocker-esque lead vox and salient use of keys, the band effortlessly charmed the audience with their genuine stage presence.  Even as the lead singer jumped offstage and walked into the crowd during the second song, the motion was felt as a guilelessly dashing gesture of barrier-breaking and subsequent bringing-together of artist and listener.  Catchy tune comingled with a richness of sound—one at times reminiscent of stellastarr—in what proved to be an entirely pleasure-giving set.  Catch these Boston beauties at the CMJ music marathon in NYC next weekend.

Portland’s Talkdemonic, a vox-less viola/drum kit duo of the indie-electronica persuasion, took the stage next.  Dark and surprisingly heavy, Talkdemonic’s stentorian sound comprised of an electrified, pedal-aided viola, deft drumming, and pre-recorded music provided by laptop.  More tender moments include the violist live-looping herself to create a kind of trio, and the drummer stepping away from his kit to walk through the crowd playing a tiny toy piano.  Talkdemonic head down south and westward for the final leg of their tour.