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Originally posted on February 24, 2010

Welcome the obstreperous new group from Brooklyn, Ben Franklin, and their first full-length release, Optimist (’09).

Optimist features tunes that mix punk rawness with touches of post-punk melodiousness thrown in here and there, as in the delay-drenched opening of “Ghosts.”  There’s even a mini power ballad, “Drink to Forget,” whose music follows the bender-themed lyrics from hopeful to delusional back to hopeful.  Similarly, the farewell ditty “Montclair” calls up images of pints of beer being held up in the air, arms around shoulders.

As their band-name suggests, Ben Franklin has a politically charged side,
as in the tongue-in-cheek “Credit Default Swap Bop,” and the South Park-inspired song about Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, aptly titled “Timmeh.”  The album concludes with the unapologetically churlish “tribute” to their namesake, “Fren Banklin.”

Catch Ben Franklin live Friday March 5th at The Delancey.