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Originally posted on April 10, 2010

One’s being is infused by sound, as Asobi Seksu become part of you. You forget where the music ends and you begin, and everyone—band and audience alike—are parts of it, the music.

Playing to a packed theater as the “main course” of j-CATION, the Brooklyn-based Asobi Seksu walked onto the stage accompanied by a booming keyboard loop, videos of magnolias, and enthusiastic cheers from the high-energy crowd.

The band opened with “Sing Tomorrow’s Praise,” the sound of it bigger than the theater.  “New Years” followed, the unexpected breaks in the driving beat clearing the aural palate.

“This next song is called ‘Strawberries,’ and it was inspired by bad hummus,” explained the lead singer, who began the song shaking a maraca with one hand, and playing the keyboard with the other.  “Meh No Mae” was mesmerizing in its unrelenting wall of harmonious sound, the strobe lights at end of song heightening the Mesmer effect.  “In the Sky” featured flutey vox and lightning fast guitar strumming, whose solo in the outro howled like a dying dragon.

The drums for “Thursday” entered during the dragon death throes (check out the nice acoustic version of this song on myspace), ushering in the pop-ier portion of AS’s set that night.  “Me + Mary,” the lead singer said, is her Mom’s favorite AS song, while “Lions and Tigers,” which followed, is one of her own favorites.  This last song and the next, “Transparence,” were both tuneful, mellower than the wall of sound-esque songs at the beginning of the show.

The set ended with “Red Sea,” the vox soaring high like a tiny bird over a rushing, roaring sea of sound.  The song ended with a proper spazzing out, the audience’s screams of delight swallowed in the sound.  AS left the stage as their instruments continued to growl and rumble, returning for an encore—“Never Understand” by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

More pictures of the show by Katie Muffett here
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Originally posted on April 2, 2009

Glad to be home (if only briefly), Asobi Seksu thoroughly gratified an audience apparently athirst for their music at a sold-out Bowery Ballroom on Thursday night.
A giant wave of sound continually breaking against the ears, Asobi Seksu’s music came on bright and visceral, and an involved light show complemented the band’s energized stage presence.   The mixture of distortion-walls from the guitar and timbral nuance from the keys/lead vox was made complete by a solid and rocking rhythm section.
The last song of the very full set grew to ear-splitting intensity, the lead singer abandoning her keyboard to play the drums at one point during the extended chaotic outro.  Eager for more, the audience called the band back for a two-song encore.  The first encore was perhaps the calmest song of the entire set; chaos was reestablished by the end of the second and final song.

Asobi Seksu return to NYC April 16 at Irving Plaza.