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I’ve spent half the morning reading the Brothers Grimm and researching Bauhaus (the architectural style, not the band) and trying to remember that time Shoreditch was mentioned on the Mighty Boosh. Why? Because of the press email I got from London-based German singer NINA’s record company.

NINA, part of whose new record you can hear on soundcloud, grew up in Berlin (hello Bauhaus), loves the Grimm tale Frau Holle, and was lured away from a life of modeling and dancing in central London to a life of singing and synthy song writing by producers based in the East London ‘hood Shoreditch (which has the same kind of hipstery vibe as Williamsburg in Brooklyn; this site kind of clarifies what I mean). 

“Waste of Love” is full of round bouncy synth sounds and beats, and has a catchy hook. But for all that it has depth and a tinge of sadness.

“My Mistake” is more urgent, and has an interesting mixture of major and minor modalities, static third relations in the verse sections and more forward-driven traditional tonality in the choruses.

“We Are the Wild Ones” showcases NINA’s pure, agile voice, her melodies in the chorus having a curvy contour, while the verse vocal line is punctuated by rests and is more angular.

On the surface, NINA might appear to be another generic electronica act, but listen to her songs and you hear something much more actively creative. Definitely someone to watch.