Twin Tail and The Blood of Rebirth

Originally posted on July 17, 2010

Intimately paired, music and movie were conceived as simultaneously as possible for Toshiaki Toyoda’s The Blood of Rebirth.   Starring in the lead role of this period film about revenge and literal resurrection is the drummer of Twin Tail, who plays a masseur.  Twin Tail, an improvisation-only band, recorded the soundtrack in a day, the film itself being completed in under two weeks, and the result was as darkly visceral and uncanny as the story itself (the first two tracks on Twin Tail’s myspace profile resemble fairly closely the music improvised for the movie).

The energetic bass and drum parts, coupled with the wailing electric violin solos—which sound like guitar solos but with a warmer tone—brought out the inner drama of the mostly-in-turmoil characters.  One scene in particular comes to mind, in which the main character, Oguri, has just risen out of the spring of rebirth, and begins to scream uncontrollably.  The music accordingly rises into a frenzy, suggesting that Oguri’s torment is less physical than spiritual.  Another memorable section of the move happens just before this scene, when the young runaway girl Terute is laboriously dragging Oguri on a sled by a thick rope to the spring.  As the days go by and her hands get bloodier, the music reflects the look in her eyes: persistent and unattenuated.

Read more about The Blood of Rebirth at katiesjapanfiles.

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