Quick Words: Christy & Emily/Talk Normal Split 7″

Originally posted on April 5, 2011

Out today on Klangbad records, Quick Words–a “recording made in the Brooklyn wintertime”–opens with Christy & Emily‘s “Bells.” The dark, driving beat fuels yearning lyrics and bright guitar riffs.  This recording officially ushers in a new era for C&E, in which the duo is joined by Kristen Mueller on drums and Pete Kerlin on bass.

The other track on the 7″ is Talk Normal‘s “Hurricane.”  A kettle drum and siren-like drone underpin declamatory, almost chant-like singing.  The track is mixed to sound like it was recorded inside a vast, empty warehouse–either that, or some otherworldly, secluded village.

Available as a digital download is the extra track “Endtime Evangelist” by Christy & Emily.  An Oakley Hall cover, C&E bring energy and urgency to the original–which has a slow, ambling country-esque feel to it–with a repeated Wurlitzer note and clean guitar tones.  For the final verse Emily shows off her vox chops in strong but gentle high notes.


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