The Orion Experience at Mercury Lounge

Originally posted on January 22, 2009

The Orion Experience positively delighted the crowd packed inside Mercury Lounge Thursday night, inspiring them all with sparkly, sonic élan.  The band had its visual sparkle too, particularly the two lead singers: one pulling shapes in a white cape and wearing her hair in a blond faux-hawk, and the other (also playing rhythm guitar) in his white suit looking like Donny Osmond as impersonated by Noel Fielding.

The band’s songs were catchy and tightly-knit, a blend of rock guitar, agile bass lines, danceable drumbeats, and over-the-top pop singing.  Many of the songs brought together different and distinct styles, as in the rock verses and pop choruses of “Sugar,” and the disco verses and rock choruses of the newer song, “New York City Girl.”  This song was particularly danceable, with the bassist and lead guitarist singing backup, and definitely captured the attention of the audience.

Catch The Orion Experience at Santos Party House on Wednesday, Feb. 25th.


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