Extra Life at Alphabeta

Originally posted on August 17, 2008

The graffiti-covered stone walls of Alphabeta reverberated with the intense sonic wall that is the music of Extra Life on Sunday night.  Performing as a duo in a pared down version of the band, the guitarist/singer (who played part of the set on a baritone guitar) and the violinist used a variety of pedals to create a wash of sound out of which emerged a style of music that hit the ears as emo-minimalist (to quote a friend) medieval-metal.  The audience stood remarkably still, quietly attentive to the nuances in the music as the sound hit them like a brick wall.  The set was not without its quieter, tender moments, as in the song “Black Hoodie,” where the singer’s Morrissey-esque voice shined out particularly clearly.  For loud and recondite music, look no further than Extra Life.


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